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With thousands of packages delivered worldwide since the creation of in 2010, the expertise of our logistics team is well established!

Shipped packages by since April 2010:

  • 8 years of experience in sending anabo to serve your satisfaction
  • Several warehouses in Asia, Europe
  • The highest delivery rate on the market
  • The best delivery shipping rate on the market
  • Optional insurance available
  • Discreet and secure packaging
95% of people opted to subscribe to our insurance; products are re-sent free at our expense

Delivery time

Delivery in 5 to 9 working days worldwide, with postal tracking number. Orders placed on weekends will be shipped the following Monday.
Orders for postal sectors of the Army are accepted.

Delivery guranteed

It's important to note that will not be directly held responsible for seizures, breakage or loss of your package. However, "Delivery guaranteed" option entitles you to have your order resent immediately and without justification of the seizure or loss of the package ((just confirmation from the carrier is enough). In case of breakage, a reshipping of damaged products will be carried out immediately. You must provide a photo of the broken item in its original packaging.

Delivery price

EXPRESS Your order can be shipped from multiple warehouses. Here are the details of shipping costs: -
  • International 0 (ElitePharm) send from Slovakia 27€
  • International 1 (Eminence, Cooper, Alpha) send from Singapore 38€
  • International 2 (A-Tech, Lifetech) send from Hong Kong 46€
  • EU domestic (Magnus) from Lithuania EU 25€
  • International Accessories are sent from USA 27€
  • International 3 (Hilma) from Latvia EU 27€
  • EU warehouse

o reduce shipping costs, we recommend that you select products from the same warehouse.Delivery in 5 to 9 working days worldwide, with postal tracking number. EXPRESS + WARRANTY(cost per warehouse above)+ 10% of the order amount

Delivery in 5 to 9 working days worldwide, with postal tracking number.

Immediate return of the order in case of seizure, breakage or loss of the parcel.

Anabo Discount remains fast, efficient, discreet, and secure
1 number on delivery from 8 years!