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In the field of performance enhancing products, anabolic steroids play an important role and injectable steroids remain the undisputed masters.

Anabolic steroids can come in many forms: patches and creams to subcutaneous implants, seals and injectables. The injectable form remains the most used.

Benefits of injectable steroids:

In most cases, injectable steroids require less frequent administrations than their oral counterparts. The frequency of the injections will depend on the half-lives of the steroids.

With the exception of some steroids like Primobolan, the majority of oral steroids are toxic to the liver. Injectable steroids are in turn harmless to the liver.

Beyond liver problems, injectable steroids have a significant advantage over their oral counterparts in gaining gains. Indeed, with injectable steroids the gains will be easier to maintain and more durable.

If the choice is present, it is better to opt for an injectable steroid.

Injectable steroids and PCT:

Some injectable steroids will suppress the production of natural testosterone. Remember that testosterone is an essential hormone for the well-being and the proper functioning of the body. The goal of a PCT is to stimulate this testosterone production at the end of the cycle so that its level returns to normal. A bad or the absence of a PCT can lead to gynecomastia, an increase in blood pressure as well as the rapid loss of hard-earned gains.

A PCT most often includes a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) such as Nolvadex and / or Clomid.

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