Bacteriostatic Water – Hilma Boicare – Liquid – 10ml/vial

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January 22, 2019
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August 26, 2019
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Bacteriostatic Water – Hilma Boicare – Liquid – 10ml/vial


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vial of 10ml bacteriostatic sterile water used to dilute the lyophilised powder of your growth Hormones, Peptides and EPO before the injection.


Sterile Water for Injection, USP, is sterile, nonpyrogenic, distilled water for intravenous administration after addition of a suitable solute. It may also be used as a dispensing container for diluent use. No antimicrobial or other substance has been added. The pH is 5.5 (5.0 to 7.0). The osmolarity is 0. Sterile Water for Injection, USP is used for fluid replacement only after suitable additives are introduced to approximate isotonicity and to serve as a vehicle for suitable medications.Following suitable admixture of prescribed additives, the dosage is usually dependent upon the age, weight and clinical condition of the patient as well as laboratory determinations. See directions accompanying additive drug. Do not store an unused portion of Sterile Water for Injection, USP. Mix thoroughly when additives have been introduced. Do not store solutions containing additives.

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