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 Dianabol (Methandienone) is an anabolic steroid that is generally used for increasing the volume of muscles and of muscle mass. This is a historic steroid and according to reports, the second steroid produced after the group of derivatives of testosterone steroids.

  • Laboratory : A-Tech Labs,
  • Form : Oral,
  • Molecule : Methandienone,
  • Concentration : 10mg/tabs,
  • Presentation : 100 tabs,
  • Recommended Dosage : 20-80mg/day


This is a historic steroid and, according to reports, the second steroid produced after the group of derivatives of testosterone steroids. It is an anabolic steroid which must be taken orally, but injections are also in use. However, when compared with other steroids derived from testosterone, one must know about some different points. They exist with an additional double carbon bond and it is also an alpha-alkylated steroid. When one decides to buy Dianabol, it must be remembered that this drug passes into the liver and the body without being neutralized or destroyed by this body. In addition, the carbon bond plays a big role in reducing its conversion to estrogen.


It is very important to strictly follow the prescribed doses to achieve desired results. Doses vary from one person to another depending on individual specific goals and requirements. The initial dose should be about 30 mg per day and up to 50 mg per day when the medicament is used in the form of injection.
If the drug is taken orally, the dosage must be up to 80 mg per day. However, this is a general rule and one should be extremely careful with the various side effects associated with this drug. A Dianabol cycle ordinary varies from a few weeks to eight weeks. During the first weeks, users may see some gains. In addition, there is much talk about the theory that users think that the 10 mg per day dose of the drug can be taken for months with minimal or no side effects. However, even these low doses must be accompanied by an aromatase inhibitor or a selective estrogen receptor modulator. Otherwise, even the dose of 10 mg per day is sufficient to cause water retention and bloating.


All steroids are prone to side effects and this steroid is not an exception. There are many reports of Dianabol that talk about various side effects. They include water retention, high blood pressure, liver problems, renal toxicity and renal failure, increased levels of estrogen and gynecomastia. So, when using Dianabol, general side effects and side effects for men are to be kept in mind.

Women should never take this drug because of its masculinizing effects.