Methyl Testosterone - Oral Testosterone - Magnus - 25mg x 50tabs


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Methyltestosterone was the “original” oral steroid. Going back several decades, it was the first anabolic steroid that seemed to hold significant efficacy when taken orally.




Methyltestosterone is simply testosterone with an added methyl group at c-17, which slows its liver breakdown. This testosterone variant did seem to work as an oral androgen supplement during the early years of medical use. One of the main issues is that it tends to be highly estrogenic. It turns out that this is because methyltestosterone readily converts to a very potent “super estrogen” called methylestradiol, which is several times more active than normal estrogen (estradiol). For a bodybuilder looking to harness the muscle-building potential of methyltestosterone, the dose used is going to be pretty substantial (probably 25-40 mg per day). At this level, you’re going to notice significant estrogen conversion, and thus will have to endure or fight off side effects like water bloating and gynecomastia.

This steroid is sufficiently strong, and will impart a strong muscle-building effect. But you must deal with the estrogen issue if you plan on receiving quality gains from it. This would most likely entail nothing less than a modern aromatase inhibitor, such as anastrozole or letrozole. Either should significantly cut down on the estrogen conversion and side effects, hopefully making the drug appear more along the lines of maybe Dianabol.

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