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Oxandrolone is one of those mild steroids that provide strength and slimming with minimal androgenic side effects. These qualities have made Oxandrolone the darling of women who practice bodybuilding and fitness.


Oxandrolone (Anavar) is a product for a PTO and dry mass cycle. Box of 100 tabs, 10 mg / tab. With this product you will get:

  • Impressive increase in strength as well as dry and hard muscles.
  • Very lean mass gain.

For a lean mass and increase in strength cycle, this product is best combined with Androlic, Dianabol, Anabol, Winstrol, Primobolan or Primobolan.

For a single increase in performance and strength, this product combines with the Halotestin.

This product can also be used during a weight loss or cutting cycle.

This product is for a cycle of 4 weeks.

Dosage: 1-3 tabs (10-30mg) daily